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Respite breaks for carers

If you're a registered carer, you can enjoy anything from a few hours off a week - up to short holidays away - without having to care for anyone.

How respite care works 

As part of your carer's assessment you may be eligible to take some time for yourself, while the person you care for will be well looked after in your absence. 

This could include:

  • short breaks - anything from a few hours a week - to a few weeks away
  • time spent securely in day care or a care home for the person you care for. 

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How to get respite care

Contact your care manager to find out which kind of respite care would be best for you - and how to get assessed for financial support. 

If you don't have a care manager, simply Phone 01634 334466

Or email to find out more about how respite care can benefit you.