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How to get a social care assessment

If you feel you could benefit from some extra care or support, you'll need to contact us for what's called a 'needs assessment'. 

What an needs assessment is

It's a conversation between you (or the person you care for) and a professional from the council.

From this, you can work out what's best for your situation - what needs to change, if you're eligible for financial support, and how your needs can be best met.  

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How to get a needs assessment

Simply phone us on 01634 334466


What happens after your assessment

Your assessment will tell us if you meet the needs of the national eligibility critera

If so, the first step will be to create you (or the person you're caring for) a support plan. This could be anything from modifications to your home, to someone helping you out a few times a week.  

How to get money for social care

To find out if you're eligible for money to help pay for your care, you need to be assessed for your financial eligibility. 

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