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Deferred payments

Deferred payments are a way you can cover all the costs of your care home - using the value of your own property.

How deferred payments work

Essentially it's a loan from Medway council to pay for your care bills - using you home as security. This money can then be repaid after you sell your home.

LOGO Download Medway Download a booklet explaining deferred payments (279KB)

But you must remember - deferred payments are only one way to pay for care. You should get more legal and financial advice to find out your options before making your final decision.

How to apply for a deferred payment plan

Contact the financial assessment team today. 

Phone 01643 331351


Further information

LOGO Download Medway Download deferred payment charges (210KB)

LOGO Download Medway Download defered payment legal agreement (310KB)

Deprivation of assets

If you're assessed as eligible care and support needs, you'll then be financially assessed to see how much you should contribute towards your care.

Your income, savings and other capital will all be calculated in accordance with the Care Act 2014 regulations. If you want to pass on savings or other capital to people during your lifetime - it can affect your eligibility for local authority help towards your care and support. Transferring an asset out of your name does not mean it will not be considered in a means test. Medway Council can look for evidence of deliberate, or intentional, deprivation of capital.