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Stop child abuse

No child should have to suffer abuse. And the sooner you report it, the less a child has to suffer.

We're here to listen to you

Our team are available to listen to you, and talk through your worries with you. 

However small your concern, we can offer you support and advice - and your information might help find the best outcome for the child.

Your call could save the life of a child. Don't leave it to chance. Call us immediately... don't assume someone else will. 

How to report child abuse

Someone's available to talk to you seven days a week. 

Phone 01634 334466 Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm. 

Out of hours - phone 03000 419191

If you think the situation is an emergency, phone 999

What we need to know from you

  • The more information you can give us about what's happening the better.
  • It's safe to give your name. We won't tell anyone else you called - unless you give us permission to do so.

Further information